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Casein paint is a traditional distemper for finishing walls and ceilings in dry interior spaces. The paint consists of fillers and casein glue and does not contain synthetic additives or solvents. In order to make paint, you only need to add water to the powder. As the shades of casein paint are light, the finished result is a lovely light reflecting surface. Casein paint is an ideal choice for someone who appreciates traditions and trusts the wisdom of old masters.

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Uses: Casein paint can be used in dry interior spaces for covering plaster, masonry and concrete surfaces, cardboard, wallpaper, wood (by adding linseed oil varnish) and gypsum and fibreboards.

Coverage: Apply primer to the surface to be painted (1 layer, 2 layers for clay plaster) and paint twice. Coverage depends on absorption and texture of the substrate. Approximate coverage can be found in the user manual or by clicking the link additional information on the left.

NB! Before using the product, please read the user manual.

Uses: Casein paint can be used in dry interior spaces for covering plaster, masonry and concrete surfaces, cardboard, wallpaper, wood (by adding linseed oil varnish), gypsum and fibreboards.

Unsuitable surfaces are e.g. oil paint coatings, latex- and plastic coatings, metal, surfaces with residues of glue and all even, nonabsorbent surfaces as well as permanently humid surfaces.

Painting conditions: The surface to be covered must be clean and dust-free, temp from +18°C, humidity below 60%.

Surface preparation:

  • Clean surface of dust, dirt and grease.
  • Clean previously painted surface of loose paint.
  • Leakages and unknown stains should be covered with “Insulating primer” and let to try.
  • Oil and other stains and other tough stains should be removed or covered with “Insulating varnish”.
  • Remove loose part of old plaster and repair with similar material.
  • Chalky (staining) surfaces must be thoroughly washed and let to dry.
  • New plaster must be thoroughly try (lime plaster 3 weeks, concrete 2 weeks before painting).

Priming: Make “Casein primer” according to instructions. Using a brush, apply an even priming coat on the walls starting from the bottom moving up.

Tools: natural bristle wall brush, paint roll.

Mixing paint: Take 1/3 bigger container of final paint amount to mix the paint. Mix the powder mixture from package thoroughly in container, add warm water (ca 50°C) according the chart below. Mix thoroughly with drill, avoiding making foam, remove foam if it happens. Ensure that all clots are stirred out properly.

Paint amountAmount of water added
1 l700 ml
5 l3,5 l
10 l7 l

Let is stand at least 1 h, stir occasionally. Paint can be diluted with water, as it can thicken as it stands. Add water carefully, stirring constantly. If there is a skin on the paint, remove it.

Painting wood: Add 25ml of linseed oil varnish per litre, it gives better adhesiveness and makes paint more elastic. The oil is stirred carefully into the paint after the expanding time, stirring at the same time. Dark shades of paint can stay patchy, depending on painting style.

Tinting the paint: Paint is white without tinting. Paint can be coloured with natural pigments. Pigment should be mixed with small amount of water, let it stand for 1 hour. Ensure that all clots are stirred out properly, then add to the already mixed paint. NB! Paint lightens if it dries, wet paint is darker.

Painting: Paint must be carried onto primed surface in 2 coats. Apply a thin and even coat of paint. Second layer of paint can be diluted with water, adding water up to 10% of paint amount. Paint fast, moving brush or roll crosswise, avoiding paint edge to dry.

Direction of painting is bottom upwards, avoiding runnings. Wet surface If paint dries too fast and is patchy, it helps prevent too fast drying. Applying paint with roller, 3rd layer may be needed.

NB! Painting ceilings start from the corners. Stir paint occasionally while painting.

NB! Before colouring big surfaces, make sample areas to be sure that the result expects your needs and expectations.

Coverage: Coverage depends on absorption and texture of the substrate (see cart below). Surfaces that are uneven or with high absorption capacity need more paint.

Drying time: Dust-free in 3h (+18°C, good ventilation). Can be recoated in 24h. Paint hardens completely in 2 weeks. Avoid cleaning coloured surface for two months.

Maintenance: Coloured surfaces can be cleaned with clean lightly damp cloth. Do not scrub heavily with abrasive materials. Do not wash. NB! Do not clean before the surface has dried for two months. Cleanability is not comparable with conventional paints.

Safety: Wear protective gloves while priming. Long-term contact with skin might cause dryness. Use protective goggles while priming the ceiling. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of eye contact rinse well with warm water. Do not swallow.

Cleaning tools: Wash tools right after using with warm soap water.

Storage: Powder mixture can be kept at least 2 years if stored cool and dry and above 0°C. Mixed paint can be kept closed for 3 days in cool place above 0°C.

Waste disposal: Do not throw the excess to sewerage. Dried waste can be put to household waste. Packages should be treated by local regulation. Before sending packages to circulation be sure to clean them properly.

SurfacePlaster, woodPlaster, woodConcrete, paper, cardboard, gypsum board etc.Concrete, paper, cardboard, gypsum board etc.
Paint amount1-layer2-layer1-layer2-layer
1 l3-6 m21,5-3 m25-7 m22,5-3,5 m2
5 l15-30 m27,5-15 m225-35 m212,5-17,5 m2
10 l30-60 m215-30 m250-70 m225-35 m2

These instructions give recommendations and possible directions. Instructions for use does not ensue binding responsibility. Information here is based on test on different substrates carried out by manufacturer and does not release users from own responsibility.

All painting and preparatory work must follow the specific characteristics of the underlying surface and test areas must be first made in order to see whether the result meets users expectations.

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