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Lasur casein paint is a translucent decorative coating based on casein glue and colour pigment. Casein lasur is a good choice for someone who wishes to add a translucent effect to an already finished substrate.

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Uses: Lasur method is used for finishing surfaces that have been coated with lime or clay plaster, lime filler, fine finish clay plaster or casein paint. Lasur can also be used with unfinished wooden surfaces but in that case, the lasur-coated surface has to be waxed or oiled afterwards. Be aware that bronze lasur, which contains bronze powder, could change its tone (e.g. become green, purple) when exposed to certain substrates. Always test on a smaller surface to see if desired outcome can be reached.

Painting conditions: The surface to be covered must be clean and dust-free, temp from +18°C, humidity below 60%.

Surface preparation:

  • Surface must be finished with lime or clay plaster, lime filler, fine finish clay plaster or casein paint.
  • Clean surface from dust.
  • To ensure uniform substrate absorption, better coverage and smaller paint consumption, porous substrates (e.g clay plaster) should be first primed with casein primer.
  • Look for more specific information from casein primer instructions for use.

Priming: All porous surfaces (e.g. plaster, putty, cypsum, wood, cardboard) must be primed with “Casein primer” and let to dry for 12h. Make “Casein primer” according to instructions. Using a brush, apply an even priming coat on the walls starting from the bottom moving up.

NB! It is important to know that lasur casein paint is translucent and substratum remains shown under it.

Mixing lasur:

  • Take 1/3 bigger container of final paint amount to mix the paint.
  • Mix the powder mixture from package thoroughly in container.
  • Add 1/3 of warm water (ca 50°C) from the amount of water shown in cart below, stir properly with a whisk or drill, avoiding foam.
  • Let it stand and expand for 30 minutes, stir occasionally.
  • Then add the rest of 2/3 of warm water.
  • Let it stand for 1 hour, stir occasionally.

Lasur that has been mixed on a previous day has the best consistency. Lasur should feel as thick as kefir. Lasur thickens as it stands, so dilute it with a little water if needed.

Amount of lasur made1 l5 l10 l
Amount of water added950 ml4,8 l9,6 l

NB! Translucency of lasur paint and intensity of colour can be changed with the amount of pigment added. By adding more pigment, colour is stronger and surface less translucent; less pigment leaves lasur more liquid and surface more translucent.

Tools: Brush, sponge.

Colouring: Paint must be carried onto primed surface in 1–2 coats. Use big brush (preferably oval), sponge or some other decorative tool to put on lasur. Mix the lasur constantly while painting.

NB! Before colouring big surfaces, make sample areas to be sure that the result expects your needs and expectations.

Drying time: Dust-free in 3h (+18°C, good ventilation). Can be recoated in 24h. Paint hardens completely in 2 weeks.

Maintenance: Coloured surfaces can be cleaned with clean lightly damp cloth or sponge. Do not scrub heavily with abrasive materials. Do not wash. Cleanability is not comparable with conventional paints.

Coverage: 6–8 m²/l (one coat. Coverage depends on the tool used, nature of substrate. Surfaces that are uneven or with high absorption capacity need more paint).

Safety: Wear respirator and rubber cloves while mixing primer. Avoid small part inhalation while mixing. Long-term contact with skin might cause dryness. Use protective goggles while painting the ceiling. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of eye contact rinse well with warm water. Do not swallow. Keep out of reach of children.

Cleaning tools: Wash tools right after using with warm soap water.

Storage: Powder mixture can be kept at least 2 years if stored cool and dry and above 0°C. Mixed primer can be kept closed for 3 days in cool place above 0°C.

Waste disposal: Do not throw the excess to sewerage. Dried paint can be put to household waste. Packages should be treated by local regulation. Before sending packages to circulation be sure to clean them properly.

These instructions give recommendations and possible directions. Instructions for use does not ensue binding responsibility. Information here is based on test on different substrates carried out by manufacturer and does not release users from own responsibility.

All painting and preparatory work must follow the specific characteristics of the underlying surface and test areas must be first made in order to see whether the result meets users expectations.

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