Pure Touch Beanie


Pure Touch Alpaca Beanie

The Alpaca Headband is exclusive made and designed for Pure domus. We like Beanie hats which look as good as they are made; only organic and natural. In six various colours , and one size fits all design, prove it to be trouble free gift for male and female alike.

The Alpaca wool gives an soft and smooth finish against your head ensuring no itches or scratches. Made from 100% Pure Organic Baby Alpaca Yarn, using only natural high quality dyes for each colour.

Made to be Healthy and Natural.

Made with no Harmful Chemicals.

Delivery Time: 10-21 Days

Organic GOTS
100% Baby Alpaca Wool
Super Soft
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Pure Touch Collection

Inspired by nature and healthy pure life; the Pure Touch Collection offers a modern crafted garments from 100% baby alpaca wool.

The Collection includes knitwear to headwear which have qualities of next-to-skin softness, durability and no harmful chemicals.

“Working with Alpaca Wool has been extremely exciting; its natural, biodegradable, and great texture” Karin Kiviste / Pure Domus.
Pure Touch collection is a wardrobe for the everyday life, giving women confidence both in and out the workplace.

Read ‘Karin Kiviste talks… Pure Domus and the Pure Touch collection’ here.

Materials used

Baby Alpaca Wool 100%

Care instructions

Hand Wash in cool water with gentle detergent, preferably a natural soap or shampoo

Read our blog guide for caring and cleaning the Pure Touch Collection here.

Why we use Baby Alpaca Wool?

Alpaca Wool is 100% Natural and Renewable.

Grown year around in mainly Peru, The Alpaca consumes a simple blend of water, air, sunshine and grass. Every year, these Alpaca produce a new fleece, making wool a completely renewable fibre.

Pure Touch uses only an undyed Alpaca ‘Cria’ wool certified organic fiber, which comes from a 7,000 hectare farm with over 20 years’ certified experience in farming and yarning Alpaca wool. No chemical or harmful ingredients are used either with the animals or land

Naturally Grown, without need for human intervention, and serve a purpose in natures eco system. Alpaca wool is 100% biodegradable, so at the end of the life of each wool garment, valuable nutrients are released back into the earth.

Compared to Sheep wool yarn it has more baby-touch-softness, with no itch texture. It also hold qualities of breathability  with nature moisture-wicking technology. Alpaca wool resists bacteria and is both antimicrobial and antibacterial; meeting our core principles of a healthy home and healthy body.

Learn more about the history of alpaca wool from its origins to modern day here.

Beanies Available Colors

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Blue-Grey, Dark Grey, Grau, Light Brown, Light Grey, Natural


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