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Trio Baskets

TRIO baskets are very practical, for use in various functions – as fruit and bread baskets in the kitchen, as flowerpots on the windowsill, for storage of the essential items in the bathroom, as a hiding place for toys, creating a storage system in wardrobe and hallway cabinets. Made and designed by Monika Jarg in Estonian.

The Trio baskets are handmade from industrial woolen felt, using the material very sustainably so that the is no residue. The baskets are double layered and can be used from both sides.

Made to be Sustainable

Made with no Harmful Chemicals

Delivery Time: 1-2 weeks

Storage Solution
Double Layered
Made in Estonia
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Monkia Jarg Collection 

Monika Jarg Products are designed to combine beautiful appearance and handcrafted quality. Inspired by Estonian nature and people the collection is bold and a sense of design freedom.

Every part of the detail is  clever and eco-friendly from using locally sourced materials and makers to using coconut paint (no harmful chemicals).

The fly series is made from organic cotton and linen blend which offers durability and healthiness which is close to our hearts at Pure Domus

Find out more about Monika Jarg in our blog post ‘Designer Series: Monika Jarg’ here

The Detail

Height (CM) 11,16,25,35
Length (CM) 12,15,20,27
Width (CM) 12,15,20,27
Finishing Naturally colour dyed
Product Code 040101

Materials used

Natural Leather

Care Instructions

The baskets are machine washable, preferably to a temperature of up to 30°C.

Tumble drying is not recommended, it may cause the fabric to wrinkle. The best way is to dry the products in airy room.

The products can be ironed in low temperature with steam.

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L – 27x27x35 cm, M – 20x20x25 cm, S – 15x15x16 cm, SET – S+M+L, SET – XS+S+M, SET – XS+S+M+L, XS – 12x12x11cm


Blue with black handle, Dark Grey with black handle, Dark Grey with Red Handle, Grey with black Handle, Light Grey with black handle, Light Grey with Red Handle, Red with black handle


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