Pure Touch Clothing

Pure Touch Beanie on Model White

Newest Addition to our Collection Introducing – Pure Touch Beanie

Pure Touch beanies are for those people who do not wear a hat because they have not yet found the right model. Our Beanie is made of 100% soft alpaca yarn craftsmanship. Thanks to the soft and natural properties of the alpaca yarn, wearing the beanie does not make your skin itch and allows your head to breathe. Our Beanies are suitable for both women and men in every weather and in every situation, with coats and jackets. 

Comes in 6 different colors – Natural, Light Grey, Grey, Dark Grey, Blueish Grey & Brown

New Collection – Pure Touch

Our organic T-shirt’s are simple, body fitted and have a distinguished sharp pf collar. The T-Shirts are unisex items and look cool in every office, but they are also very comfortable at leisure time.  The fabric is very gentle and balances your body’s moisture levels naturally and will not make you feel uncomfortable wearing it.

I have never seen a t-shirt so good made of organic cotton like Pure Touch – Terje

Pure Touch feels good on even after a long intensive work day – Andre

Pure Touch Unisex T-shirt White

Pure Touch Collection

Silky Pure Touch dress has unique design and it is really limited edition – there are 6 of each colours of handcrafted dress. This knitted dress material is made of cotton and silk and doesn’t need any ironing.

Pure Domus Dress Claire

Eco Friendly & Green Home

Since we spend up to 80-90% of our lifetime at home, it’s crucial that we make it a healthy environment where we can feel safe and comfortable. Even small and seemingly trivial things that garnish our household can be harmful to our health. Therefore, we should be more aware of what surrounds us and the impact it has on our wellbeing. We can help you create a better and more wholesome atmosphere in your home with environmentally friendly furnishing.

At Pure Domus we strive to create eco-friendly and sustainable interior design products. We believe that everyone deserves a stylish and beautiful green home without it being damaging to our health or leaving a huge footprint on the Earth.

Our mission is to produce green and eco-friendly products for your home and make things commonly used in everyday life contribute to your living environment. It’s inspiring for us to create useful as well as functional products while at the same time protecting natural resources.