Mar 2017

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Why should you favour eco-friendly and sustainable furniture?

Our awareness about green home and living is growing rapidly, but eco-friendly home consists of many details. Furniture is one of them and what it is made of influences our health and environment as well.

You always have a choice on what kind of quality you want to have in your life. The more natural and organic choices don’t necessarily have to be the more expensive ones. Not to mention, expensive is not a

Aug 2016

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Slow Life

Nowadays we live a fast life – all the time on the go, driving fast cars, eating fast food, scrolling news feeds quite fast, sometimes without even understanding of what we actually LIKE. We should change our lifestyle because our fast life doesn’t make us happier anymore.

Here comes the concept of slow life. Carl Honoré, whom the Huffington Post calls the godfather of the Slow movement, says, “the central tenet of the slow philosophy is taking the time to