Wear nature!

Pure Domus has decided to create and inspire people to wear products that are enriched with pure nature. Our body is the temple of our soul and it is grateful to us if we give it the best.

Picking and dyeing plants and mushrooms constitute a deeply sentimental tradition among Estonian women, spanning centuries. Passed down through generations, the knowledge and skills associated with this practice evoke cherished memories, particularly of yarn-dyeing sessions with grandmothers during childhood.

Yarn imbued with plant dyes boasts a luxurious softness and warmth, a testament to the harmonious collaboration between nature and humanity. The essence of this collaboration is captured in Pure Domus vests, crafted from 100% organic baby alpaca yarn dyed with plants and mushrooms.

The hues of the yarn reflect the interplay of various factors, including the season, lunar phase, growth location, and the emotional state of both the harvester and dyer. Consequently, each vest emerges as a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, rendering replication impossible.

Moreover, each plant used in the dyeing process carries its symbolic significance. Goutweed, with its wild potency, elevates energy levels and aids in surmounting personal limitations while steadfastly fortifying the immune system. Birch, revered as a sacred tree in Northern Europe, serves multifaceted roles—from crafting whistling sticks for sauna rituals to symbolizing love and tenderness, fostering inner strength.

The plant dyes seamlessly integrate into the textiles, alleviating concerns about color transfer. While the color may naturally fade slightly with washing, this only adds to the vest’s unique charm, further emphasizing its organic origins and the intricate connection between nature and craftsmanship.

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