Many people love the sea. Freedom, spontaneity and playfulness are expressed within its beauty. How many different moods the sea can inspire: at one moment medically soothing, but at another moment it strongly expresses the element of nature. The sea heals both our physical body and mind. It is a good example of nature providing support to all people irrespective of awareness or depth of contact with nature.

What can we humans learn from the sea?

  • All our emotions must be expressed in their entirety, be they harmonious, caressing or furious. They are beautiful when they are in free flow.
  • After rage and storm the sun always comes out. Highs and lows are also an integral part of human life. We should not overshadow our sunny day with the fear of an approaching storm. On a furious day there is no need to fear that the sun will never shine again.
  • You must be able to keep your inner sense of freedom and spontaneity alive. It can disappear unnoticed in us. Life is a flow and a change. If we can use it, life will take us to the fulfilment of our dreams with the least effort.
  • The sea is made beautiful by the abundance of its nuances. We could be encouraged to find more different sides and nuances in us, and we should dare to show and express them to the world.
  • By the sea, we feel everything superfluous disappear and dissolve. We, too, could trust more forces of nature and let go of the superfluous with ease.
  • We live like the waves of the sea. When we learn to relax enough and trust change, life seems like an enjoyable glide.

If you are more spontaneous, it paves the way for internal change. It will happen when we do something that will surprise ourselves. Let’s put ourselves consciously in new situations through which we can learn more about ourselves.

Some ideas:

  1. Write a love letter to an unknown person from the heart. It is perfectly intentional that this is a letter to an unknown person. As you write, how does the love within you begin to tell you what words you write and how deep they are? It is a good reflection of what your soul expects from love at the moment. For the bravest, I recommend leaving it in a public place. You don’t need to provide your contact details as it can touch the heart of someone who needs it the most.
  2. Go to your wardrobe and dress up in your best or favourite outfit (and don’t hold back!). Keep an eye on what’s going on inside of you, what’s talking to you, how do you feel at the beginning and how after? Ask yourself, who do you want to be as this charming and approachable person? What is your craziest fantasy as this person? It should be an idea you haven’t even dared to think about before. Be sure to write this idea down, it’s your inheritance. Write a love letter from a man or woman to this person. This man or woman loves this person exactly as they are, and even more, supports the unfolding of their primordial nature.
  3. Put on the lightest clothes you have and go for a walk to the sea. Imagine you are on a summer beach with the sun shining and the warm wind caressing your face. Go to the warm waves to relax, forget everything and let go. You will also see a bar on the beach where you can sit on a comfortable sofa to enjoy a fruit cocktail. Feel the ease and joy of each of your senses. Monitor your well-being and add new pictures and emotions that will lift you off the ground. When you reach genuine emotions, you will realize how powerful creators we are and how little external circumstances matter. I practiced running in the icy rain and I had a lot of fun and I smiled spontaneously at each moment.
  4. Make yourself a festive breakfast only for yourself and something you really love. Cover the table nicely and enjoy each mouthful. Don’t be distracted by any everyday thoughts, just enjoy the moments you take.

This energy that you have created by playing this game will support you for a long time.

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