Care and Cleaning of Alpaca Wool Products

You now have your beautiful  100% baby wool garment, maybe from our pure touch collection. However how do you clean it, and keep it feeling soft and shaped as you bought it. Here is our step by step guide to cleaning alpaca clothing, and recommend organic healthy cleaning products.


Fill a clean bowl or sink with cold water and a small amount of shampoo. We would recommend a mild detergent such as baby or natural shampoo and soaps, which can be harmful for your garment. Using hot water, or changing temperatures will cause distress for the fibers making them tough texture. Only hand wash with other alpaca products , do not machine wash.


Soak the alpaca clothing for 5 minutes, gentle massaging the suds through the garment. Evade  from twisting, scrubbing, and pressing hard as this cause same results as hot water. Alpacas hold their dye better than most other fibers, so there should not be much bleeding.


Rinse the product twice in clean pure cold water, and gentle massage the excess water out the product. Handle with care to avoid wrinkles and distortion.


Lay the clothing between two towels, (recommend our bonbon towel for absorbing the moisture in a natural way), roll up the towels and set it aside for some minutes.


Place the clothing on a dry  towel and reshape gently following the fibre of the garment (do not hang dry). Keep away from direct sunlight and direct heat.


If the clothing after the drying process is wrinkled, you can stream it lightly with an iron (on low temperature) or hang it on coat hanger in the bathroom and run the shower.

Cleaning Products


Baby shampoo and other mild detergents can work perfectly well, however from experience I would recommend The Laundress’s Wool & Cashmere Shampoo. It’s a dedicated premium wool garment cleaner, with an allergen free nontoxic formula which adds scent and removes oder in an natural way.

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