8 Indoor Plants every Home Needs

Soon to be Autumn , it’s time to get green indoors! From cactus to palms indoor plants can bring happiness and colour. I hope some these plants can inspire that anyone can live with and care for plants.

When choosing an indoor plant it’s important that you love it. With the wide variety of species, colours and sizes its simple to pick plant to fit around your lifestyle and home.


Cactus was probably most popular indoor plant; with their unusual shape, and apparent easy to maintain nature. It a widespread myth that cactus plants need practically no water; in fact they just should not be overwatered.  They need be position near windows to gain maximum light and temperatures is less important just away from frost .

Chinese Money Tree

The Chinese Money Tree part of the Pilea Peperomiodies family, is growing with popularity with its funny looking shape. It’s unfortunately quite challenging to buy from your local garden centre, however certainly worth the hunt! Grows perfectly well in room temperature, in bright to semi locations and needs regular balanced watering.


Palms are one most glamorous and popular plants; with thoughts of tropical weathers and holiday memories. In their natural habitat they are used as vegetation and building materials. It important to places palms in direct sunlight near a window, and in temperatures of above 14 degrees.


The Succulent plant range come in a wide range of variety; and often have thick leaves and stems to store water. It’s important to keep them in sunlight to avoid stretching and changing shape. Succulents need little water, recommend using soil with good drainage and light. They look perfect at a desk, partly because they take little space, partly they just look cool.

Swiss Cheese Plant

The Swiss Cheese Plant is part the Monstera Deliciosa family, with its evergreen colours and large split leaves. An old time favourite amongst urban interiors designers, it adapts well to room temperature, and low maintence. Makes a great solo grower; and I recommended in bright locations.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is very easy, healthy and beautiful plant to have in your home. Aloe Vera gel can be use relieve burns from sun and relieve digestive discomfort. Aloe Vera is growing in popularity in the beauty and drink business, with its many health benefits. Similar to Succulents need a lot of sunlight, and work well in room temperature; however need lots of water in the growing period.

Prayer Plant

Origins of the Amazon the Prayer Plant has beautiful large loping leaves with an unusual stripy pattern. The Calathea Member is also known to be a natural air purifier, and help reduce stress levels. Preferred in more semi-shaded area, and important keep the soil moist, and to mist the leaves from getting to dry.


The Tradescantia plant range are known for their colours and patterns, from green too shades of purple. Often will bloom in the day; opening its pedals in morning and closing them at night over the summer season. They are easy to maintain; needing little water, and located in very bright window.

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