Buy less, wear organic!

Buy less, wear organic!

When we consume less, but we buy high-quality products that are more friendly to our health and the environment, we take a big step forward in the conscious decisions in which we will win for both ourselves and nature.

Many of us think that when they are wearing cotton products, they have already made the body-friendly choice. Unfortunately, the commonly used cotton is actually quite full of chemicals, because cotton is a culture that is cultivated with the most toxic chemicals. In addition, the process of conventional cotton processing is extremely synthetic. Extra care must be taken when concedering beautiful white cotton pieces of textiles, they are full of chemicals. In this situation, it is wise to choose organic cotton products, because the difference between the traditional and the organic cotton is enormous. It is also worth paying attention to organic cotton products, as many of them only contain some of the organic cotton, such as relatively cheap products offered by unknown fashion brands.

You can be completely confident in products with a GOTS certificate. This in addition to the natural cultivation and processing of cotton, will also ensure environmental sustainability and also the social aspect – all the participants in this process will receive decent pay for their work.

The sense of wearing organic material is very difficult to convey with words as when the skin gets used to organic cotton then according to many users, it is quite difficult to return to back to the conventional wool. Natural cotton is not only free of allergy, but it also helps keep the body healthy. This results in a dry and natural feeling when wearing an organic shirt after a long hot day, the shirt is almost like part of your skin and you won’t even feel its there. But be careful with organic cotton when it comes to colored shirts – no bright colors are found naturally. There is a widespread myth in Estonia as if the OEKO-Tex certificate had something to do with organic matter. The fact is that this certificate only ensures that no harmful substances are used in the process, and nothing more.

Pure Domus T-Shirt
Pure Touch Unisex T-shirt White
Pure Touch Unisex T-shirt

Pure Touch T-Shirts

Pure Touch has brought to the market a simple tight fit T-shirts with V-neck design. Considering the fact that there are no products of such quality with a reasonable price on the Estonian market. Pure Touch shirts have a place in every wardrobe, because their area of use is very wide. At the moment, natural and black T-shirts for sizes M, L, XL are available.

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