Alpaca headband

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Alpaca headband

Headband was a big hit in eighties in fashion. Now it is just a practical item. Pure Touch alpaca headband is irreplaceable companion in every day’s life. You can wear it when sun is shining outside, but blowing cold wind, for pleasure or for sporting. Let our headband holds you in warm, but wind plays with your hairs. That’s amazing feeling of freedom.

Alpaca headband are available: light grey, grey, dark grey, beige, light brown, dark blue, natural

Delivery Time: 7-10 Working Days

Designed In Estonia
Organic GOTS
100% Raw Alpaca Wool
Beige Blue-Grey Dark Grey Grey Light Brown Light Grey Natural


Pure Touch Collection

At Pure Touch Collection, we only source the finest baby Alpaca wool from Peru to make our range of uniquely designed handcrafted knitted cardigans.
Our handcrafted cardigans are made of 100% soft Alpaca ‘Cria’ – meaning baby yarn. Our designs are simple, elegant and feminine, designs that transition easily from day wear to night, a perfect edition for any capsule wardrobe.

Materials used

Alpaca 100%

Care instruction: only hand wash

About Alpaca we use

Alpaca ‘Cria’ is one of the warmest and most durable fibers that you can find on the market today.  Thanks to its ‘baby touch softness’, it is also one of the most comfortable and luxurious wools to wear. With proper care, your favourite handcraft cardigan can be passed down from one generation to the next without any signs of pilling or distress.

Pure Touch uses only an undyed Alpaca ‘Cria’ wool certified organic fiber, which comes from a 7,000 hectare farm with over 20 years’ certified experience in farming and yarning Alpaca wool in Peru.  No chemical ingredients are used either with the animals or land.

Pure Touch Alpaca ‘Cria’ wool in undyed natural grey, harvested only once in the Alpacas lifetime and is naturally antimicrobial.  .

Alpaca unique fibers contains microscopic air pockets, providing great insulation to keep you up to 50% warmer during the winter at the same time, these air pockets allow for outstanding breath-ability, thus keeping you cool in the summer.

Over 80% of people with wool allergies do not have a problem with Alpaca ‘Cria’ wool.

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Beige, Blue-Grey, Dark Grey, Grey, Light Brown, Light Grey, Natural


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