Wholesale Deals

If you buy ten identical products all at once, we offer you excellent wholesale prices. Feel free to contact karin@puredomus.com to inform us which product interests you and the amount you would like to purchase.

Pure Domus has a special collection meant for interior designers. These items are perfect for furnishing larger areas with unique, pure and natural products. All of our designers are well acknowledged and renowned in Scandinavia. Their original pieces have furnished a variety of places – from apartments to well known public spaces.

Chairs “Arike” and “Kraps”

Both chairs are elegant, minimalistic and stylish. They are a perfect addition to a tasteful room without overshadowing other interior pieces.

The “Pure Domus By Toivo” chairs are light, comfortable and long-lasting. These chairs look good in every space, but go especially well in conference rooms, restaurants and churches.

If you’re interested, feel free to contact karin@puredomus.com