How to improve your sleep quality

Every minute of our time in bed is important. There are so many different and complicated bodily functions for us to recover and restart our system. Even doctors are saying that the sleep is the best remedy.

From the internet you can find many tips and tricks regarding how to improve sleep quality and they are really true. However interior its self also possesses an excellent benefit and therefore our recommendations are related exactly to the bedroom.

1. Less is more

Throw away all that you don’t need!

…I mean all your decorations and furniture you don’t need for sleeping. The more items that are accumulated in the bedroom the more dust that goes directly into your breathing system.

2. Your bed is your kingdom

The look of your bed may seem fantastic when you are awake yet they are certainly not as important when you are asleep. What is important is that the material doesn’t save as much dust, the mattress is ergonomic for your body and that it is as natural as possible. The best one’s are made of natural wood and paint. The best mattresses are made of natural latex.

3. Your skin needs natural

Your body needs to be surrounded by natural materials in order to help balance your body moisture levels. Some synthetic items may be comfortably soft however if you sleep between them your body may be more prone to sweating, abnormal breathing and therefore you would be unable to recover your functions properly. Too many obstacles may cause distraction to other important renewing processes such as your immunity thus making you more susceptible to illnesses. So, if you want be safe, use only natural materials. What is especially good is eco-friendly cotton because it much more pure than ordinary cotton.  Pure Domus bed linen made of green cotton are even healthier because they are 100 % natural. Synthetic colours, which often spoil a good organic cotton, are not used. Bright colours can’t be natural. Pure Domus organic cotton bed linen are not processed at all, we have only 2 colours available – natural and natural grey. Pure Domus rubber linen are a practical and healthy choice.

4. Fresh air is a new energy

Your body needs fresh air, especially at your sleeping time. It’s important to keep your window open when you are asleep. That is unless there is heavy traffic or freezing temperatures! Your bedrooms air should be in circulation because it keeps you’re temperature lower and this is necessary for a good sleep.  

But Wait!

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